The Way of the Rain

In November of 2015 Sibylle Szaggars Redford founded The Way of the Rain Non Profit Organization It s organized exclusively for charitable, cultural and educational purposes, including the specific purpose of developing, producing and performing educational and artistic performances themed and designed to promote public awareness and support for the protection of our Earth, This live multidisciplinary performance invites the audience to remember their physical and spiritual connection to our planets beauty and plight through paintings, music, dance, film, light and the spoken word with Robert Redford as narrator.
The organization also has a film of one of the recent performances in Dallas Texas which is a work of art itself. The organization has performed in Carnegie Hall for the United Nations featuring Al Gore and Robert Redford, in Monaco for the Prince Albert Monaco Foundation, Sundance, Abu Dhabi, the Salk Institute and Lake Forest. The organization is working to bring a live performance to the Harris Theater in Chicago in 2025. I am writing to explore the idea of showing the film at a gathering at the DNC Convention. By incorporating the arts, the performance conveys a message of the critical importance of addressing climate change. I assume this will be a part of the DNC platform. I am on the BOD. I f there is interest, I could arrange a conference with Ms. Redford.

We can't wait to welcome the DNC to Chicago and the Midwest in 2024!

Stay tuned for additional information.

Chicago DNC 2024