The Exhibit House of Chicago

The Exhibit House of Chicago is a woman owned, Interactive art experience based off the owner person experience with depression. She takes you through her personal journey at The Exhibit House. It has 4 unique spaces to explore:
Disco Ball Dreamland- Represents a celebration to a new beginning in life with over 100 disco balls hanging from the ceiling. Mood Room- 10 emotions with activities explaining how color affects your emotions in each installation. Secret Garden- Five rooms taking visitors through her traveling experience during her depression. Kite’s Ice Diner- Is a mock diner inspired by local diners in her neighborhood, that she would often visit alone during her depression. It’s where self-expression meets the captivating world of moods and mental health. It’s composed of carefully curated spaces with installations that are designed to evoke a spectrum of feelings, from serene to exhilarating. Visitors are able to Immerse themselves in an enchanting environment that mirrors the ever-shifting landscape of their inner world. They’re able to take pictures throughout the entire experience (5,000 square ft.) and use our 360 photo booth to create a video within the disco ball dreamland to keep. The goal is to uplift someones spirits in a fun creative way through an immersive interactive experience.

We can't wait to welcome the DNC to Chicago and the Midwest in 2024!

Stay tuned for additional information.

Chicago DNC 2024