The Ellevate Group, LLC

Elle Davis is a dynamic speaker who decided to transform her experience with grief into a vehicle to elevate others with similar experiences. As a young, black widow, Elle discovered that the stereotypes of women who lost their husbands left little space for anyone who did not fit the profile we are all programmed to expect.

Elle’s core principles are resilience and intentionality, with an emphasis on not just coping with grief but embracing life fully. Her message centers on turning grief’s challenges into opportunities for personal growth and development.

Through content, resources, and community, Elle Davis Speaks aims to create a safe and uplifting space for women to share experiences, find solace, and move forward in life despite their hardships.

Our clientele comprises corporations and organizations that have a wellness focus for their employees and are guided by a human-centered philosophy. These clients encompass a diverse range of non-profit agencies, including those dedicated to youth development and initiatives focused on empowering women. They require expertise in conducting professional development workshops centered around leadership development, with a significant emphasis on cultivating resilience in both personal and professional spheres.
-Non-profit agencies
-Youth development initiatives
-Women-focused initiatives

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