TB Defense Inc

-Bodyguard VIP’s:

Providing elite protection for VIPs, we secure the safety of individuals who face elevated personal risk due to their profession, status, or wealth.

– Executive Protection:

Offering comprehensive protection solutions for corporate executives, ensuring their safety from potential threats and disruptions, allowing them to conduct their business with peace of mind.

-Secure Transportation:

Delivering secure, confidential, and punctual transportation solutions to guarantee our clients arrive at their destinations safely.

-Protective Intelligence:

Utilizing advanced intelligence methods to assess and identify threats proactively, enabling the formulation of effective security measures to mitigate risks.

-Event Security:

Involves implementing measures and protocols to ensure the safety and protection of attendees, staff, and assets during an event

-Security Risk Assessment:

Performing in-depth evaluations to identify vulnerabilities and threats, offering insights and tailored recommendations to fortify security.

-Workplace Violence Prevention:

Implementing proactive strategies to prevent and address violence and threats in the workplace, creating a secure and harmonious working environment.

-Utility Company Security:

Protecting utility services and staff from potential disruptions and threats, ensuring seamless service provision.

-TV Production and Film Security:

Specializing in security services for the entertainment industry, safeguarding cast, crew, and assets during productions.

-Security Consulting:

Providing expert security advice and strategies to address specific challenges and enhance overall security posture.

-Unarmed Security:

Deploying skilled agents to monitor and secure locations, maintaining peace and order without the use of firearms.

-Armed Security:

Offering elevated security services with trained armed agents, prepared to respond effectively to imminent threats.

We can't wait to welcome the DNC to Chicago and the Midwest in 2024!

Stay tuned for additional information.

Chicago DNC 2024