TASC, Inc.

TASC is a not-for-profit organization that provides behavioral health recovery management services for
individuals with complex health and social needs. Since 1976, the organization has provided and/or
facilitated access to community-based treatment and recovery support services for individuals who are involved
in systems such as criminal and juvenile justice, corrections, child welfare, public aid, and public housing.
TASC collaborates closely with healthcare providers, policymakers, academic institutions, and family and
community stakeholders to see that underserved populations are linked to the services they need while
achieving the most efficient use of clinical and financial resources.
For almost 50 years, TASC has provided a clinical model of care with services encompassing screening, comprehensive assessment of
substance use disorders, individualized service planning, health services counseling and testing,
culturally appropriate treatment, treatment services matching and monitoring, family reunification, and
community linkages with primary care, substance use, mental health and recovery support providers.
Launched in 1976 by a federal start-up grant, Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities,
Inc. (TASC) of Illinois advocates for individuals and families affected by substance use and
mental health conditions. We provide direct services, policy solutions, and consulting in order
to provide people and communities the tools they need to achieve positive and lasting change.
For the past several decades, TASC has successfully partnered with statewide courts, judges,
State Attorneys, Public Defenders, parole and probation departments to help thousands of
individuals incarcerated at Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC), Cook County
Department of Corrections (CCDOC), and the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center to
successfully transition back into their communities. TASC services include: screening,
assessments, client advocacy, service planning, housing, outpatient and intensive outpatient
treatment for substance use disorders (SUDs), mental health services, care coordination, and
specialized case management. TASC criminal justice clients in Intensive Outpatient (IOP) treatment have
nearly triple the likelihood of successfully completing treatment compared to other individuals
referred to IOP treatment by Illinois’ justice and corrections systems.

TASC’s specialized case management services are considered a national best practice, as
featured in the 2022 National Drug Control Strategy as an effective evidence-based practice.
TASC provides Specialized Case Management (SCM) for thousands of men and women every year through its Corrections and Community Reentry programs. TASC case management combines clinically and culturally focused,
multisystem service coordination with treatment placement and recovery management to create
a unique client service approach. TASC programs focus on building wellness and
self-sufficiency as individuals begin to manage their health conditions while also navigating the
complex requirements of public systems.