Sugar Rimz Bartending

Sugar Rimz Bartending is a leading mobile hospitality company based in the heart of Chicago. We specialize in delivering a comprehensive solution to meet all your bartending requirements for a wide range of events. Whether you’re an individual planning a special occasion or an organization hosting a major gathering, we have the expertise to elevate your event’s beverage service.
Our versatility is our strength, allowing us to streamline high-level event bars with utmost efficiency, regardless of whether an existing bar is present or not. Our services encompass a variety of offerings, including mobile bar construction, mobile bar consultation, and cocktail curation, top-notch equipment and tools, as well as the provision of professionally licensed bartender staffing, complete with training. We excel in venue, bar, and hotel support, offering mobile bar management both on-site and off-site. Additionally, we have the expertise to manage beverage sponsors, handle POS/ticketing, concessions, and inventory, making us a one-stop destination for all your mobile bar hospitality needs.
We cater to a diverse array of event sizes, from intimate gatherings of five to massive crowds of 500,000 or more. Our extensive experience covers a wide spectrum of events, including corporate and in-office happy hours, expos, conferences, annual meetings, festivals, business and product launches, VIP services, and much more.
At Sugar Rimz Bartending, we take pride in managing Chicago’s most efficient and skilled bartender workforce, offering dependable and leisurely bartender opportunities throughout the city. Our premium clients can seamlessly book multiple customized events of any scale, saving valuable time during the booking process, and allowing them to focus on other aspects of their events. For venue clients, we offer premium memberships that generate bundled savings and provide a streamlined booking process.
For all your bartending needs, Sugar Rimz Bartending is here to serve you. Contact us today to experience a new level of hospitality and beverage service excellence.