Quality Professional Detective & Security Agency, LLC

A Quality Professional Detective & Security Agency offers a range of security and investigative services to various clients. Here is a more specific description of the operations based on the provided information:
Security Services:
Armed or Unarmed Security Officers: The agency provides trained and licensed security personnel to ensure the safety and protection of various locations, including hotels, nursing homes, business offices, retail stores, and restaurants. These officers may be responsible for access control, patrolling, monitoring surveillance systems, and responding to security incidents.
Investigative Services:
Serving Legal Documents and Summons: The agency assists in serving legal documents, such as court summons and eviction summonses, to individuals or businesses involved in legal proceedings.
Skip Tracing: The agency helps locate individuals who have skipped town or are difficult to find. This service may be used by debt collectors, legal professionals, or individuals conducting investigations.
Surveillance for Infidelity and Workers Compensation Cases: The agency conducts surveillance to gather evidence related to infidelity cases, where a client suspects a partner of cheating. They also assist in workers’ compensation cases by conducting investigations to verify the legitimacy of an employee’s injury claim.
License Fingerprint Vendor:
The agency is a licensed fingerprint vendor, authorized by the State of Illinois Police Department. They provide fingerprinting services for individuals applying for state licenses and backgrounds. This service ensures that individuals meet the fingerprinting requirements mandated by various state license

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