Onigiri Kororin

Onigiri, also known as Japanese rice balls, are a favorite snack or light meal in Japan. Onigiri are made with perfectly cooked rice, flavorful fillings, and wrapped in crispy roasted seaweed. Kororin proudly offers its authentic konbini-style onigiri in stores throughout Chicago as well as offering catering for events.

Whether you’re hosting colleagues at a business lunch, friends at a party, or a group of hungry volunteers with no time to stop for lunch: onigiri are the perfect meal for any occasion!

⦁ Onigiri are portable: Easy to hold and enjoy while mingling or on the go, no utensils needed!

⦁ Onigiri are culturally enriching: Share a taste of Japan and spark conversation among colleagues.

⦁ Onigiri offer a variety that will please any crowd: All of our onigiri are gluten-free. All our ingredients are fully cooked. We offer five unique flavors of onigiri, including vegan options.

Why Choose Kororin Catering?

⦁ Fresh & Flavorful: We’ll make your fresh onigiris on the morning of your event so your guests can enjoy the highest-quality experience!

⦁ Proprietary Delivery: Kororin’s expert in-house delivery team will handle everything with care and attention to detail, from preparation to delivery.

⦁ Satisfied Customers: Kororin has catered to corporate clients like Ajinomoto, Kraft Heinz, University of Chicago, and Guild Row just to name a few.

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