NAMI Illinois

Mission: NAMI Illinois is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with mental health disorders and their families through support, education, and advocacy.

Our Goals: Advocate at the county, state, and national levels for non-discriminatory access to quality healthcare, housing, education, and employment for people with mental health disorders.

-Educate the public about mental health disorders.

-Work to eliminate the stigma of mental health disorders.

-Advocate for increased funding for research into the causes and treatment of mental health disorders.

Our Vision: In our envisioned future, mental health disorders will no longer thwart a person’s fulfillment of his or her potential. With early pinpoint diagnoses, interventions, and targeted medications and services there is no pervasive disability.

We can't wait to welcome the DNC to Chicago and the Midwest in 2024!

Stay tuned for additional information.

Chicago DNC 2024