Brittany Joy Ramsey aka MsFitBritt The Toning & Muscle Mindset Coach has over 10 years plus experience as a Physique Toning Expert, Figure Bodybuilding Pro, & Motivational Speaker – coined the Body transformation master …

If you have ever visited her social media page
Fb – @BrittanyRamsey
Ig – @TheRealMissFitBritt

You would be amazed to see how She specializes in toning & transforming bodies into “wow” physical status in a ridiculously fast speed of time causing them a guaranteed result to achieve their incomparable ultimate physical goals – as well as preparing women for their 1st Figure, Bikini, or Transformation Bodybuilding Show & stand for faith family and fitness.

She has won several notable awards and been featured in Ebony/Jet, the Internet Traffic magazine and Creating Your Seat at the Table International Magazine just to name a few… All for her contributions as both a fitness/body transformation expert as well as other entrepreneurial accomplishments achieved through training thousands in health and wellness.

She stands on her message that transforming your body will also transform & advance your business or career goals and your bank account

We can't wait to welcome the DNC to Chicago and the Midwest in 2024!

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