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Level-1 Global Solutions designs, builds, operates, and maintains technology infrastructures of all types to enable safe, efficient, sustainable structures and neighborhoods, as well as a better quality of life for the communities of the future.

Our minority-led team, together with a network of integrated partners, are veterans in technology consulting, engineering, installation, implementation, maintenance, and operations.
From VoIP, 5G networks, and building automation, to safety and security, low-voltage power, and the design that empowers smart technology infrastructure planning, Level-1 has over 20 years of experience with city, county, and state-wide integrated IT Infrastructure.

Software Deployment Tech/Install/Configuration Desktop Support/Maintenance Monitoring
Staff Augmentation

A/V, Telecomm, Security Technology Planning Services
Smart Building Integration (BIM, BAS, EV)
Life Safety / Healthcare Systems Technical Consulting

Technical & Construction Management Services
Integration VOIP Network

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City of Chicago Certified MBE/DBE firm
BEP Certified by the State of Illinois

National Public Housing Museum Chicago Department of Aviation
Cook County Hospital Adaptive Reuse
Hilton Garden Inn Thompson Center State of Illinois Thrive Englewood
400 N. Lake Shore Drove Chicago Police Department City Colleges of Chicago Bronzeville Lakefront
Cook County Clerk’s Office United Airlines Operations Center Chicago Public Schools
ORD – Terminal 5 Expansion One Chicago
Chicago Join Public Safety Training Academy
McCormick Place – Alternative Care Facility
Hines Veterans Hospital NATO Chicago Summit

Aecom Cisco
Crown Castle Coresite Engineering Plus
Farpoint Development Genetec
Jacobs Engineering Jensen Hughes Johnson Controls Low Voltage Solutions Perkins & Will
Related Midwest Solomon Cordwell Buenz
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Stantec
Sterling Bay Sentinel Siemens Stantec Verizon
World Wide Technology

Level-1 Global Solutions, LLC is a registered subcontractor with the Illinois Capital Development Board.

ANSI US Technical Advisory Groups
AVIXA Women’s Council— Leaders of Ohio Group
BICSI Board of Directors (2012- 2018)
BICSI Certified Trainer BICSI DCDC
BICSI Standards Committee Ekahau ESCE
TIA TR-60 Lifecyle Management

Level-1 Global Solutions, LLC
A Minority-Owned Company


Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is technology that is used to handle communications data transmission for telecommunications, intelligent building management systems, audiovisual, high speed data transmission systems, and network-based control and monitoring functions. In the simplest way, ICT is how all technologies that are in a facility/building or beyond communicate together.

The Level-1 team thinks of ICT as the infrastructure for Information Technology (IT) and Building Systems. ICT is a convergence of several technologies, and it uses common transmission media that carry diverse data formats and data types. When discussing ICT with clients, we focus on the convergence of several technologies and possibilities for systems 20-30 years down the road.


We are often tasked with consolidating and managing telecom infrastructure and converging technologies onto network-based infrastructure. An example of this might be
merging audiovisual, telephone, and computer networks through a common structured cabling system and routed via Internet Protocol (IP). When our team discusses ICT with our clients, unified communications is always a high priority. Here, we often discuss the broader delivery of diverse services through multiple device or platform types. In general, unified communication is our goal and is an expectation in a modern business setting.

Information and Communication Technology Design
Level-1 can integrate systems for:
• Ethernet based infrastructure (Structured Cabling)
• Fiber-Optics
• Outside Plant (OSP)
• Equipment Room (ER/MDF)
• Telecom Rooms (TR/IDF)
• Wireless WiFi and DAS
• Analog and VoIP
• Data Centers and Mission Critical
• Computer Network Systems


Whether through design of a centralized management system or stand-alone access control with biometrics, Level-1 takes security to a whole new level. Our design and engineering team ensures interoperability of various systems for seamless communication between components for the most effective protection of any building or community. The Level-1 team is experienced in designing and integrating complex, sophisticated security systems for organizations and enterprises of nearly any size.

Security System Design
Level-1 can integrate systems for:
• Intrusion detection and alarm monitoring
• Access control technology and security management systems
• Digital doorways and guest management
• Biometrics security, credential, and visitor management
• Door locking solutions and key control management
• Console, racking, and monitoring systems
• Door hardware coordination


Physical Security Detection and Deterrence
Using barriers, gates, booths, entry portals and turnstiles, Level-1 can secure your property from all angles. A physical security solution tailored to your needs can be designed and engineered by Level-1 whether you are protecting a building, campus, or multiple locations.

Video Surveillance and Analysis Solutions
Today, the need for video surveillance has never been greater. Integrated with a security management system, a video management system provides accurate visual information to validate alarms and events and provide authenticated documentation for use in court when necessary. The Level-1 team offers clients added capabilities including data analytics that gives security teams greater flexibility and control over how video solutions support them best. Video analytics can help security teams improve their operations and make routine work more efficient. With 20+ years of experience in video surveillance, our team can design new solutions or improve existing systems with an eye towards ensuring safety and security for many years to come.

Our team is certified in Axis, Genetec, AMAG solutions, yet can design an agnostic integrated security system that meets the needs of today and tomorrow.


Level-1 is passionate about delivering fully integrated audiovisual solutions that enhances the way people work, live, play, and learn. We create dependable and expandable Audio Visual (AV) solutions that enable organizations (big and small) to collaborate and share ideas, through the proven and innovative Audio Visual and unified communication technologies available. With a wide reach across markets, Level-1 creates extraordinary client experiences for developers and architects alike, with strategic planning and system design. Our dedicated team is made up of experienced designers, engineers, and project managers who are the best in the business. We are committed to professional development and recognize the importance of balancing proven AV solutions with newer, more efficient, and innovative components. Our background in networked AV systems and deep understanding of network routing design are an advantage to each system now and in the future.


Our goal is to create easy-to-use, highly functional, and integrated audiovisual solutions. In many cases, an AV system is considered mission critical. It may be the main way you interface with your clientele, residents, or employees. If your AV system needs to support
real-time decision-making and responses, it is imperative that quality and reliability is not compromised. Time and money will be wasted if audio and video quality is poor and system operation is difficult. Our team will ensure your system is ready and able to deliver the results you need and want. Our team currently holds Bicsi RCDD and Avixa CTS Accreditations which provide the best of both worlds between structured cabling and the technical art of AV design.

AV System Design
Level-1 can integrate systems for:
• Room Web conferencing
• Audio/Sound
• Network Based AV design
• Digital Signage
• Video Walls
• Interactive Activity Space (Amenity Floors)
• Immersive room design
• Control Systems

• Operations Centers
• Projector and Digital Display systems
• Sound Masking
• Control Systems and Matrixes
• Digital Operating Rooms
• Background Music
• Classroom AV


Digital technologies are growing at such a rate that they are driving innovation at airports worldwide. These technologies allow the enhancement of airport asset management and operations, overall customer experience improvements, and ensuring a sustainable future for the aviation industry. “Smart Aviation” combines these opportunities and optimizes decision-making through a data-driven, connected, and innovative approach.

The Principles of Smart Aviation
By combining vision and growth with innovation and digital transformation, Smart Aviation enables you to generate meaningful value from the future. It aims to keep you ahead of the competition by shaping the airport of the future. It also entails applying the latest thinking to the design, planning, technology adaptation, and architectural aspects of airports in order to ensure long-term sustainability and profitability.

Pillars of Smart Aviation
Customer Experience
The safety, security, and smooth flow of passengers and other customers through airports – combined with a superior dwell experience – is both a priority and an important competitive differentiator for airports. Achieving optimal customer experience relies on the use of ‘smart’ technologies – for example in biometrics and screening, as well as in personalized commercial offerings.

Smart Assets and Operations
Data generation, collection, and analysis of an airport’s key assets and operations have become an essential part of total airport management. Airports and assets need to be connected to build fully functional, connected, responsive, and efficient operations. Smart assets and operations deliver efficiencies and insights that improve airport operations at speed and scale.

Airport digital twins and other technological advances are critical in unlocking the potential. A digital twin is a digital representation of a real-world entity or system where an encapsulated software object or model mirrors a unique physical object, process, organization, person, or other abstraction by producing a replica of the physical assets of a product or service in an industry. Digital twins help analyze data, allowing users to check functioning beforehand and develop solutions for any potential problems. With our aviation and cross-industry digital capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to design solutions that optimize airport asset performance and enhance your operations.

Sustainability and Climate Resilience
Sustainability and resilience in aviation and airport operations require an understanding of legislative, social, environmental, and economic factors. These issues must then be addressed on a technical level. Our insights will help you establish sustainability targets, create a strategic roadmap, and embed the practical database tools that will help achieve your objectives.

Our expertise covers all aspects of airport lifecycle, including an airport’s design, planning, and operation, long-term carbon reduction targets for airports, and climate risk management in airport transactions. We have the expertise needed to understand and respond to air travel perceptions, as well as develop innovations in decarbonization, material use, climate resilience, and reputational risk management.

Our Vision
• Multidisciplinary approach that combines aviation knowledge and technology
• Practical experience in aviation innovation – helping airports adopt new solutions that deliver value
• Cross-industry track record in digital transformation and systems integration
• A neutral, objective outlook, impartial to specific technologies or solutions
• Continuous support from vision to implementation

Team Qualifications
Level-1’s Engineers and Designers have the experience necessary to provide Smart technological solutions for airports, aviation systems, and airlines as they expand to provide Smart solutions for their customers. Our professionals have worked with over 50 major airports worldwide providing technology solutions, including:

• Access Control design
• Audio/Visual design
• Cabling Infrastructure design
• CCTV Wide Area Network design
• Construction Management
• Control System upgrades
• PON Design
• Intrusion Detection
• IT Engineering
• LAN and WAN Infrastructure design

• Management System design
• Network design
• Network Upgrades
• Operations Center
• Project Management
• Security Camera upgrades
• Structured Cabling
• Telecommunications Design
• Telecommunications Engineering
• Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure

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