JANO Technologies

Founded in 1989 by Vasco L. Bridges Jr. and Samuel Burton who ran the company for over 20 years, JANO has been providing software applications and services to Illinois clients for three decades. Now, the company is under the leadership of Nosa Bridges, the son of one of the original co-founders. In 2020, JANO acquired Viscon Networking Innovations, a provider of IT managed services to many of the same Illinois Counties we support for software for decades, bringing the mission full circle as the premier, holistic technology partner to local governments in Illinois. Today, JANO is still a privately held, family-owned software development company with offices in Champaign, IL, Chicago, IL and Jackson, MS.

We are certified to do business in Illinois and are a certified Minority Business Enterprise by the State of Illinois Central Management Services – department of Business Enterprise Programs. We have staff in 7 Illinois Counties, living and working close to our customers where they need us. We look forward to seeing our team continue to serve Illinois county governments for years to come.

JANO’s mission is to be a True Partner to our customers. We bridge the gap between technology and process – focused on helping customers run a more efficient operation, not simply just supply hardware, software, and IT management solutions.

We believe there are four key attributes of a successful technology partner; we aim to fulfil each:

• Responsive to New Technologies: The ability to engage with modern technologies, to respond to the fast-changing regulations, and work collaboratively.

• Ready for Integrated Partnerships: No longer will one system or one vendor be the “everything” to “everybody.” The ability of a software provider or an IT Management provider to be flexible and be able to collaborate with other vendors and solutions who can in turn deliver best-in-class products and services, in a rapidly changing technology environment.

• Service-Oriented: Government Partners need the one-call reliability of a local repair person but the reliability and responsiveness of your local delivery service. The government partner of the future is not a group of “I-am-Smarter-than-You” individual technology gurus, but a team that is service first, treating government personnel with a high-touch to support them through the evolving technology environment.
• Local not Global: The ability to focus on rapidly changing local rules, regulations, and the unique elements of local customs, will be key to supporting the government teams of the future. Your IT partner teams must be focused on supporting the local governments, not aspiring to be global players.

JANO is these things and more. We have a legacy of doing business in Illinois for decades, while building a company for the future. We know this market, the local personalities and bureaucracies, and our solutions have been proven throughout the state. Finally, as a second generation, family-owned company, JANO promises to be a great long-term business partner for Kankakee County personnel. This includes a predictable billing model, easy-to-install products and upgrades, and local personnel to support your concerns.

JANO does not outsource or offshore any of our support or development functions, and all support issues are managed by full time JANO employees who live and work in either our Jackson, MS development center, our Champaign, IL office (known as “IL HQ”) or one of our remote support staff.

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