J. Emmett Studio

J. Emmett (he/they) is a multi-disciplinarian trans artist.
J (born 1978, Evanston, Il) lives and works in Chicago, Il. He/they co-owned a pet boutique in Chicago’s Northside neighborhood, Andersonville before selling it in September of 2020 to pursue woodworking full time. In April of 2022, J. discovered abstract painting and since it has become his primary focus.

J. Emmett, now in his mid 40’s, is a student of life- leaving community college after one month at the age of 19 to pursue lessons outside of the classroom, J continues to grow his proficiencies in the same spirit- a little intuition, curiosity, practice, a smidge of google and an occasional online course.
J.’s work investigates existentialism, confronts transphobic ideology and explores the subconscious and the space between self and the unknown.

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