Historia Research LLC

Historia Research LLC provides writing and research services. Joseph H Wycoff, PhD, is a member of the Independent Writers of Chicago (IWOC) and a member of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA). He is a trained U.S. historian, a former higher education research and effectiveness officer (President’s Cabinet-level), and currently a grant writer for Chicago non-profits. He has published two historical works on higher education in America since 1920, In the past three years, he has helped Chicago non-profit organizations win awards totaling $20 million to support community college students, individuals experiencing homelessness, communities harmed by the War on Drugs, and U.S. veterans. Historia Research LLC can support the DNC by providing writing services (bios, histories, pamphlets, public policy summaries, etc.) and research from common public data resources such as the U.S. Census, IPEDS, Chicago Health Atlas, Justice40 dataset, etc. Grant writing applications in the past three years have focused on exposure to community violence, workforce equity initiatives, registered apprenticeships, postsecondary student success, veterans attending community colleges, veteran homelessness, homelessness (general population), opioid use disorders, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and emerging technologies in the computer sciences. Historia Research LLC will be able to support writing and research on many subjects, as well as provide special insight into the ways that national issues and policies have shaped Americans’ lives in Chicago and Illinois.

We can't wait to welcome the DNC to Chicago and the Midwest in 2024!

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