Eden, a woman-owned restaurant, founded by Jodi Fyfe and Devon Quinn, opened in 2016. Jodi Fyfe, CEO & Founder of The Paramount Group brings 30 years of experience in the restaurant, events, and restaurant segments, while Quinn has worked alongside a range of world-renowned chefs including Jean-Michel Diot, Dale Levitski, Andrew Zimmerman, and Tony Mantuano. The concept of Eden was inspired by cuisine, travels, and botany, and it brings something unique to Chicago with an on-site greenhouse and partnerships with local farmers. In 2022, Eden was relocated to its new home in the Avondale neighborhood and brought its urban farm-to-table approach, expanding its dinner and brunch service to include a bakery counter, barista bar, and breakfast and lunch offerings. Eden’s ever-evolving menu focuses on the use of high-quality and seasonal ingredients, with an approach based on simplifying the process that goes into crafting each dish. Chef

Quinn aims to keep it simple. “Every chef that I’ve respected or followed through their careers, I’ve seen them simplify their menus,” he explains. “We’re doing the same thing with the Eden menu. Not just with how many ingredients we use, but with how many steps it takes to create a dish without losing its purpose. Refining without losing intention.” This focus produces robust, clean flavors to compliment the flowers and herbs from our onsite greenhouse that also add beauty to each dish. Our 20’ x 28’ greenhouse allows us to grow all year, reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing on-site, and it helps the local ecosystem by attracting pollinators. Our sustainability efforts also include composting organic material left over during food preparation and eliminating plastic bottles and plastic disposable packaging.

The reimagined vision of Eden is a continuation of California cool but with a darker, moodier spin. Mixing vintage-inspired European residential and café elements, an increased sense of warmth and familiarity invite you into the space. From the plays on light versus dark,

geometric versus organic, smooth versus textured, and even the mix of textures within the space, Eden’s contrasts come together as a unified vision that is welcoming and calming. The abundance of glass doors and windows allows natural light to glide across the checkered

marble floors and picture-frame molded walls throughout the day. The restaurant’s interior acts as a mirror to the seasons, providing an environment as dynamic as its menu. The connection to nature also exists in the wallpaper and framed black-and-white organic

illustrations found in the restaurant.

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