Celestial Ministries Association

Celestial Ministries Association (CMA) is a nonprofit social enterprise located in the North Lawndale community. Our mission is to increase the quality of life for children, families, and communities. We do this by connecting residents to resources & creating programs that help keep families connected while building the next generation of leaders. Our programs are used as part of our violence prevention initiative with our Restorative Justice Community Partners. Although CMA is headquartered in North Lawndale, our services are offered for individuals and families throughout the Chicago-land area.

CMA’s history goes back to 1990 when Co-founder Stanley Ratliff was Incarcerated and signed his children up to receive gifts for the holidays on his behalf though Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Program. When he was released from prison he and his wife (co-founder), Antoinette, decided to serve other families impacted by the incarceration system – so they began hosting Angel Tree in 1993 in Chicago’s North Lawndale community. Angel Tree continues to serve families throughout the entire City of Chicago and North Lawndale community. We have served more than 16,000 children and counting since hosting Angel Tree. Today Celestial Ministries host a variety of programs including our music program. Our relationships with local musicians from all genres allow us to curate live music events and connect artist with promoters and other event hosts.