Apache Service & Supply Company

Apache Service & Supply Company is a leading provider of janitorial services with over two decades of experience. We specialize in delivering high-quality cleaning solutions to clients in both the public and private sectors. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and accountability sets us apart in the industry.

Services Offered:

Interior Janitorial Services:

Daily cleaning and maintenance of interior spaces.

Floor care, including sweeping, mopping, and polishing.

Restroom sanitation and replenishment of supplies.

Trash removal and disposal.

Specialized cleaning services tailored to client requirements.

Exterior Cleaning Services:

Pressure washing for exterior surfaces.

Window cleaning for commercial buildings.

Roof and facade cleaning to maintain building aesthetics.

Utilization of cleaning drones for hard-to-reach areas, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Additional Services:

Post-construction cleanup for construction sites.

Specialty cleaning services for unique client needs.

Customized cleaning solutions based on client specifications.

We can't wait to welcome the DNC to Chicago and the Midwest in 2024!

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