Industry Experts Applaud Democratic National Convention Venue Operations Team

Wednesday, January 17, 2024


Industry Experts Applaud Democratic National Convention Venue Operations Team

CHICAGO, IL –– Following the selection of vendors to serve as Event Architect, Event Manager, Exposition Services, and Construction Manager for the 2024 Democratic National Convention, industry leaders across Chicago and the nation are voicing their confidence in the qualified and diverse venue operations team being assembled.

Read what industry experts are saying about the firms selected:

“Powers & Sons has stood the test of generations. The Chicago Urban League is proud to attest to their expertise as both a satisfied customer and a proponent of excellence in Black business. Their professionalism, responsiveness and attention to detail have made a difference in many major projects,” said Karen Freeman-Wilson, CEO of the Chicago Urban League.

“When we [Walgreens] first contracted with Show Strategy to provide service, creation and consultation of our exhibiting activations, I viewed it as a convenience. After working with Show Strategy over the past year, I see that their value goes well beyond convenience. Show Strategy thinks of the things that we didn’t think to consider or maybe didn’t have the time or bandwidth to do so. The Show Strategy team is focused on solutions,” said Nicolette Peters, Public Sector Investment Strategy Manager for World Business Chicago.

“Our partnership with Hargrove/Encore has really enabled everything we saw at the Out & Equal Workplace Summit, in person and online, to happen, from the fabulous and beautiful aesthetics to the way we’re able to showcase the really critical voices in this LGBTQ+ inclusion movement. We couldn’t have better partners than Hargrove/Encore! Highly recommend them for any event you’re doing. They’ve really made the show that we have today the best show that we could possibly make and ensure that those really critical messages are heard, in this room, in our online community, and far beyond so I can’t thank them enough,” said Michael Chamberlain, Vice President of Marketing at Out & Equal.

“Integrity, client service, and quality are the words that come to mind when I consider my experience working with the McHugh team at Navy Pier. For years, McHugh has delivered challenging projects with aplomb and has left all of our guests, tenant partners and staff thrilled with both the process as well as the finished product. I commend the McHugh team for going above and beyond on all of our work over the years,” said Dan Mitchell, Vice President of Design & Construction at Navy Pier.

“Populous is a global leader in large-scale, intricate event overlay. Their professionalism, acute attention to detail and deliberate methodology behind experience and design has been pivotal for our team and the numerous events we’ve collaborated on together,” said Tim LeFevour, General Manager of Soldier Field.

“As a local director and photographer, it can sometimes be hard to get exposure to new, diverse clients. Show Strategy has opened many doors for me by hiring me for conferences and events that span the culinary, arts, political and medical world. The experiences and opportunities they’ve provided have helped advance my portfolio and make connections so my company can continue to thrive,” said Parrish Lewis, Photographer + Director of Parrish Lewis Production Studios, LLC.

“McHugh has been a core part of the team throughout the Ramova project. From the end of 2017 until today, McHugh has been there to help us navigate, problem solve, and deliver for our very complex, exciting, and fulfilling project,” said Tyler Nevius, Founder & Executive Manager of the Ramova Theater.

“I have had the privilege of working with Hargrove on President Obama’s 2009 Inaugural Committee, as well as the 2012 and 2016 Democratic National Conventions. As a well-established and valued partner of the DNC, they have consistently demonstrated their commitment to community engagement, promoting supplier diversity, and aligning with our overarching goals and objectives,” said Travis Dredd, Deputy Director of the Office of the Vice President-elect, Presidential Inaugural Committee.

“Having Glenn Charles, president and CEO of Show Strategy, on our board at Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago has really allowed us to expand our work of improving the homes and revitalizing the communities of people in need. He brings his expertise as a general contractor and his wealth of partnerships, pushing us to hire other minority- and women-run businesses to help us complete essential home repairs,” said Wanda Ramirez, CEO of Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago.

“Show Strategy brought to life a community vision that allowed the activations designed and built to be used in multiple settings, from the Englewood Village Market to multiple South Side events throughout the year. Show Strategy’s helped bring to life our vision of cooperative economics in motion. Glenn, an Englewood native, and his dedicated team not only created an incredible activation for us but also demonstrated a commitment to our cause by engaging a local labor crew from our neighborhood,” said Anton Seals Jr, Lead Steward of Grow Greater Englewood.


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